Please understand that I want you.
You and your ten-second phone calls

in silence. Our exhales ultimately becoming echoes
inside our lungs. I wonder if mountains become jealous

of this closeness from a distance only the clouds can measure.
Some airplanes must have felt the vibrations

of our voice boxes like match sticks rubbed on any surface,
we feel each other’s fingers from places

we will never belong to. I am here and you are
becoming part of the ocean and I am always

a shoreline. All I know is this is me saying “I love you”
This is me waiting for you to just come home

to me. Even if it takes the ocean to understand
how badly I want you to be.

Dear Long Distance Lover by Kharla M. Brillo   (via pouvoires)
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When I was 18, I wanted someone to “complete me”. Now, I see myself as complete, as whole and as perfect - and I simply want to share the experience of my beautiful, abundant self with another beautiful, abundant being as we grow individually and TWOgether. I don’t want to “lose myself” in someone. Rather, I want to continuously find myself and strengthen my relationship with my Self with the help of another being - and vice versa. No longer am I in search of a cheap thrill.
Brittany Josephina (via callmeyungsyd)

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We were at a friend’s place drinking and listening to records last night and after about 6 beers in, I said, “I want to dance.”
So he takes my hand and pulls me to the kitchen and starts dancing with me.

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tell me where you are
when you’re lying next to me
yet so far away

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